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Meal Preparation and Grocery Shopping

Our services are here to make sure you can eat what you love and eat well in your home. From purchasing groceries, to the preparation of hot and nutritious meals, and assistance with clean up after meals, New Dawn Homecare is your extra set of helping hands.


Good nutrition is increasingly important as we age. At the same time, our dietary needs can change as we age. A diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and low iron all have impacts on what we can eat. Recovering from surgery and other medical procedures can mean the need for special diets short or long-term.

A consistent, well-balanced diet is the cornerstone of our physical and mental health, and research shows, being well-nourished leads to shorter hospital stays in cases of hospital admission. We provide meal preparation services to a wide range of clients including seniors aging at home, patients post surgery and even new moms who need a helping hand. We are here to help. 

We're more than homecare.

We're an extra set of helping hands.

Our Meal Preparation Services Include:

Meal Planning

Grocery Shopping

Meal Preparation

Meal Clean-up and safe and sanitary food storage

Connection with nutritionist for specific dietary needs and/or recipes

Connection to New Dawn Meals on Wheels for hot, fresh, nutritious meals, particularly meals tailored to renal, diabetic, cardiac, and/or gluten/dairy free meals

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