Personal Care

For older adults or those who have suffered an injury or illness, simple tasks like bathing or grooming, can sometimes become difficult to manage. New Dawn Homecare provides client-centered personalized care to each individual allowing them to live happier, healthier lives at home.

Personal care is available for activities of daily living that you or a loved one may need support with that are of a personal nature, such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and mobility, all in the comfort of your own home or hospital.

We realize intimate, personal care tasks can sometimes be awkward for family members or friends to provide, and it can be much easier for a trained caregiver to step in and provide support. Our certified and trained Personal Care Assistants are matched with our clients and ensure that all care is provided in a caring and respectful way.

Personal care services can be personalized based on a wide range of client’s, including seniors, individuals who have suffered an injury or illness, and those who just need an extra set of helping hands with daily activities.

If you or a loved one are looking for personal care services, contact us today to receive a free in-home, non-medical assessment with our Client Care Manager.



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Personal Care Services May Include:

  • Assisting client with showering, bathing and bed washes
  • Assisting client with oral hygiene, brushing teeth, and cleaning of dentures
  • Assisting with dressing and grooming of clients
  • Observation of basic skin integrity & reporting skin condition to the Client Care Manager
  • Medication reminders
  • Facial shaves of male clients and hair care (exclusion: no prescribed treatments)
  • Assisting clients to transfer from bed to chair
  • Assisting clients to change position in bed
  • Assisting families with client transfers and manual handling
  • Assisting clients to toilet
  • Providing bedpan/urinal
  • Emptying, measuring and recording urine from urine collecting drainage bags